Online workshops and ways to mitigate security issues


Online workshops basketball predictions are highly advantageous ways for anyone looking to boost knowledge, enhance skills, and develop educational credentials. Coming to online workshops in the field of technology, those who successfully complete one may find that they’re better able to navigate today’s world, which is becoming increasingly reliant on technology.

Key advantages

Let’s have a quick look at the key benefits of attending online workshops.

  • Lower costs: It’s no secret that physical workshops cost a significant amount of money. Things like commuting expenses, a pile of books, activity expenses etc add up really quick. With online workshops, you’re only paying for the credits. As long as you have proper software and hardware to complete the workshop successfully, there’re big savings you’ll realize right away.
  • Flexible schedule: nba predictions today By attending online workshops, you get to choose your own learning environment based on what works the best for you. As there’s no need to commute and physically attend an important session, you can utilize the time thus saved for other activities.
  • Ability to maintain your job: Often, attending a physical workshop requires you to quit your job. If you’re self-disciplined and organized, it can be possible to keep your job while you attend online workshops. You can study during your free time while fulfilling the tasks allotted to you on the job.

Top tech skills in demand

If you’re looking to step into the tech field, but feeling confused about what skills you should develop to launch your tech career, here’re brief descriptions of 4 top tech skills in demand these days.

Network and information security (cybersecurity)

For any organization that deals with sensitive data or collects customer information, network security is of utmost importance. When it comes to data breaches, they can be newsworthy, big and extremely costly for the organization to recover from. In 2017, there was a wave of cyber-incidents like WannaCry, Cloudbleed, Macron Campaign Hack etc, which underscore the criticality of keeping network security at its highest level. This makes cybersecurity one of the top tech skills in demand. Most of us now using safeguards to our internet connection, like NordVPN which creates an encrypted connection through the internet.

Cybersecurity workshops usually cover aspects like systems administration, fundamentals of networks, ways to mitigate vulnerabilities, risk assessment etc.

Machine learning

Machine learning together with artificial intelligence has become one of the most exciting and innovative tech fields moving into the future. From Alexa and Siri to predictive analysis, chatbots and self-driving cars, there’re diverse uses for this futuristic technology. Machine learning can be implemented in every industry, including finance, healthcare, education etc. So, the possibilities are endless, and you can apply the skills to a role that suits your interests and personality. Aspects covered by machine learning workshops usually include deep learning, anomaly detection, unsupervised learning, neural networks, recommender systems etc basketball predictions under over today.

Blockchain technology

Online workshops on blockchain technology are designed to equip you with the profound knowledge of this emerging field. These workshops are usually backed by extensive practical based sessions, and successful completion renders you the required competence to step into a rewarding career in the blockchain sphere. Generally covered aspects include blockchain architecture, designing of a blockchain network, and deploying blockchain for various real-world applications, among others.

SEO/SEM Marketing

Organizations are continually looking for people with digital marketing skills to take their web visibility and presence to the next level in order to outpace the competition. This is one of the top tech skills in demand for some obvious reasons: more site visits present more chances of conversions, customers, and revenue. SEO/SEM can be a great career option if you’re data-minded, since the role involves continuous experimenting, measuring, and testing to identify what works and what doesn’t, and thus making changes based on KPIs/metrics/observations. Also, it can be highly beneficial if you plan to start your own entrepreneurial venture. These workshops usually cover aspects like on-page SEO fundamentals, keyword research basics, link building, SEO strategy development etc.

Ways to mitigate risks of cyber attacks

When you’re attending an online workshop, a good amount of your personal information gets handed over to the provider. This can trigger substantial data security issues if your internet connection is inadequately safe and can be accessed by nefarious people. So, what you can do from a practical standpoint? Let’s check these out.

Ensure the presence of a decent firewall

A firewall is something that lets the bad stuff out and the good stuff in. Make sure to check with your ISP that it has a good firewall when you’re being offered with router and modem.

Install good antivirus

While antivirus software may slow down your computer a little, it’s worth installing one as opposed to being hit by cybercriminals. Remember to update the application regularly and if you use external drives, do scan them as well.

Use a VPN

Implementing a VPN is one of the best things you can do to protect your data when connecting to the internet. Apart from encrypting all your data, it also masks your original IP address, letting you anonymously surf the web.